TGroup G & Associates (GGA) is dedicated to developing custom software solutions and network design. GGA has specialized as a boutique Business and computer consulting firm that is concentrating on the Small business / home office market & the creative/professional markets which were considered too small and unprofitable for conventional software firms. The client base ranged from a small print shop startup to legal services firm to a large regional brokerage firm on the west coast where he personally developed one of the first internet trading platforms. He later expanded into equipment sales and service, installing over 200 personal computer , servers and network platforms and reworking and troubleshooting many more “legacy” installations; with hardware upgrades , software updates and wholesale replacement . All clients were provided with complete documentation and network and flow diagrams and placed in a “black book” which were placed to provide a baseline documentation for future repair and successors. In addition he built a moderately large “beige box” build to suit personal computer and “super-server” line. He abandoned such efforts when profit margin plummeted. Through an a partnership with HANDTECH Inc. of Austin, Texas .GGA became a sales organization representing large brand name computer companies and Technology products such as enterprise grade network equipment , credit card payment services and telecommunication products (i.e. VOIP and Unified Communications) .GGA anxcillary services included web site design and programming, convention program (client/server methodologies) database administration and business consulting (best practices, small business accounting etc) Economic conditions and supplier issues caused the company to materially dissolve in 2001