What Twitter profiles do you think every entrepreneur should follow? Here’s why

Entrepreneurs may find many Twitter profiles valuable to follow, as they can provide insights, inspiration, and information about various aspects of entrepreneurship. Here are a few examples of profiles that entrepreneurs may find helpful:

  1. @Entrepreneur: This is the official Twitter account for Entrepreneur magazine, which provides articles, insights, and resources for entrepreneurs.
  2. @saraiblakely: Sara Blakely is the founder of Spanx and a successful entrepreneur. Her Twitter account shares personal experiences and insights from her journey as an entrepreneur.
  3. @richardbranson: Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin Group and a well-known entrepreneur. His Twitter account features personal and business-related content, including thoughts on entrepreneurship and leadership.
  4. @garyvee: Gary Vaynerchuk is a successful entrepreneur and business coach. His Twitter account features a variety of content, including motivational messages, business advice, and insights on entrepreneurship.
  5. @timferriss: Tim Ferriss is an entrepreneur, author, and investor. His Twitter account features personal and business-related content, including insights on productivity, goal-setting, and entrepreneurship.

These are just a few examples of Twitter profiles that entrepreneurs may find valuable to follow. It’s important to remember that every entrepreneur’s needs and interests are unique, so it may be helpful to experiment with different profiles to find those most relevant and valuable for you.

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